Better Hiring Decisions

Only OnShift Insight analyzes employee utilization and staffing patterns and proactively recommends positions to hire so you can make informed hiring decisions. Address your hiring challenges head-on with data-driven insight that uncovers positions you need, so you can staff consistently for the outcomes you desire.

Identify Hiring Needs

Workforce Analysis Application To Right-Size Staffing

Achieve Five Star Staffing Goals

Outperform the competition by putting a plan in place to achieve your Five Star staffing goals. Only OnShift Insight’s Five Star Staffing Guide predicts your Five Star staffing performance and allows you to model staffing plans to improve your rating.

  • Predict Five Star staffing rating to drive consistency & care
  • Model staffing scenarios to improve rating
  • Adjust labor mix to control cost

Proactive Hiring Recommendations to Right-Size Staffing

Automatically identify positions to hire through in-depth analysis of employee utilization and staffing patterns from OnShift Schedule. Make hiring decisions based on data, not guesswork, to employ the right staffing mix for greater operational performance.

Staffing Trends & Analysis to Validate Hiring Decisions

Make sound hiring decisions backed by analytics with a dashboard that calculates hours worked against requirements and highlights staffing shortages.

Model Hiring Scenarios to Prioritize Positions To Fill

Perform what-if hiring scenarios to target positions that have the greatest effect on organizational performance.

Generate Job Requisitions to Fill Openings Fast

Save time by automatically creating job requisitions within OnShift Hire for full time, part-time, and PRN openings by shift. Once in OnShift Hire, you have easy-to-use tools to build a candidate pool and manage the applicant lifecycle efficiently to get hiring right, from the start.

Understand Your Hiring Needs In An Instant