Get Payroll-Based Journal Ready

Get prepared for the mandatory July 1, 2016 start date with OnShift’s easy-to-use PBJ software.

Meet PBJ Reporting Requirements

Easily Collect, Review & Submit Your Staffing Data

PBJ Experts At Your Service

Get started with OnShift’s team of PBJ experts. They will work with you to make sure that your internal processes are properly set up to collect and classify direct care hours in accordance with PBJ reporting requirements.

  • Get best practices and guidance for implementing PBJ processes
  • Map internal job descriptions to CMS' defined job codes

Collect All Required CMS Data

OnShift’s Payroll-Based Journal Reporting software simplifies the reporting process by gathering all required CMS staffing information from different sources and systems, such as time and attendance, HRIS, and clinical, and centralizes it for simplified access and reporting.

  • Gather employee, direct care hours and census information from multiple systems
  • Fill potential gaps, such as contractor and agency hours, by importing staffing reports or utilizing our easy-to-use check-in application
  • Automatically classify direct care hours worked for proper reporting

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Review For Accuracy

OnShift’s Payroll-Based Journal Reporting dashboard provides a centralized view into your data and helps safeguard your submission.

  • View direct care hours by job code & labor category
  • Add or edit direct care hours prior to submission

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Submit With Ease

Streamline the submission process with pre-formatted exportable reports that meet government standards. When you’re ready, OnShift will generate your Payroll-Based Journal file for submission with the click of a button.

  • Get PBJ submission-ready reports that comply with CMS requirements

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Are You Payroll-Based Journal Ready?

Mandatory PBJ reporting begins July 1. Get prepared with OnShift, your one stop resource for everything PBJ.

  • Learn the required data by CMS standards
  • Prepare your staffing data submission by centralized format
  • Stay up-to-date with PBJ resources and news

Get PBJ Ready

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