PBJ Report Submission Details

Payroll-Based Journal Report Submission Details

The Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS) has provided two ways to submit the PBJ report by either manual entry or by uploading a preformatted XML file.
However, due to the amount of data required in the PBJ report many providers are relying on the help of vendors to collect and provide a CMS-ready file that can be uploaded.

Registration for the PBJ Report Submission 

It is critical for providers to get prepared for the mandatory PBJ July 1, 2016 start date. Providers first must be registered for Payroll-Based Journal submission within the QIES application.

Here are some steps to get started:

  • Obtain a CMSNet User ID for PBJ Individual, Corporate and Third Party users, if you don’t already have one for other QIES applications. Click here to get new credentials.

  • Obtain a PBJ QIES Provider ID for CASPER Reporting and PBJ system access. Registration will be available beginning Aug. 4th. 

  • PBJ Corporate and Third-Parties must use the current form based process to register for a QIES ID. Registration forms are available under the Access Request Information / Forms section on the right side of the page. Click here for PBJ Corporate and Third-Party Access.

Registration Training Available

PBJ Training Modules for an introduction to the PBJ system and step by step registration instruction are available on QTSO e-University.


PBJ Technical Submission Information 

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently published updated submission specifications.  

The submission specs consist of the following technical information: 

  • PBJ data specs PDF files ZIP – Full data spec report and the unduplicated edits report, as well as the Overview document.

  • PBJ data dictionary ZIP – The Access database used to maintain the items and edits, as well as generate the reports.

  • PBJ data specs CSV files ZIP – Comma-separated value (CSV) files of the items and item values.

  • PBJ data specs HTML files ZIP – Set of HTML files that can be used to navigate the items and edits in a browser.

  • PBJ data specs XML and XSD files ZIP – Sample PBJ XML submission file and its associated XSD file for performing some of the validations in the specs.

To download the specifiactions, click here. 

Questions regarding the PBJ Data Specifications should be directed to NursingHomePBJTechIssues@cms.hhs.gov. Software developers or vendors that provide services such as automated payroll or time and attendance systems that will support electronic submissions should use this address.  In an effort to serve you better, we are offering voluntary vendor registration at https://www.qtso.com/vendor/post.php. This information will be used to contact you with important PBJ news, updates, and conference call information.

Please note that CMS may not provide an individualized response to each inquiry; however, CMS will address all applicable issues and comments through Open Door Forums, training sessions, vendor calls, or updates to the information provided on this page.