Proven, Affordable & Easy-To-Use

Only OnShift provides easy-to-use, proactive tools to help your communities schedule employees, predict overtime to lower costs, and fill openings to staff properly, each and every shift.

Staff Scheduling Software

Designed For Post-Acute Care & Senior Living

Boost Efficiencies With Online Scheduling

Hand-written schedules and spreadsheets are a thing of the past with OnShift. Extensive automation eliminates complexities and reduces time spent on scheduling from days and hours to just minutes.

  • Create schedules in seconds with reusable master schedules
  • Identify staffing issues with to-do lists and dashboards
  • Fill call-offs and communicate changes instantly
  • Keep staff connected with 24/7 online access & mobile apps

Fill Shifts Fast To Ensure Proper Staffing

OnShift is the first scheduling application to offer an integrated communications platform to resolve call-offs and open shifts in an instant. Schedulers no longer need to spend hours on the phone scrambling for replacements. With just one click, all qualified and available staff are notified so a replacement can be selected in an instant.

  • Reach all available and qualified staff
  • Provide equal opportunity for staff to fill shifts
  • Communicate smarter by using employees preferred communication

Predict & Prevent Overtime

Overtime is commonly managed simply by checking payroll reports, when it’s too late to correct the problem. Only OnShift’s predictive and proactive approach allows you to prevent unnecessary overtime before it happens.

  • Eliminate unnecessary overtime with predictive analytics
  • Keep managers informed with proactive alerts
  • Track progress with dashboards & automated daily reports

Improve Care With Proactive Labor Budget Management

Move-ins and admissions, discharges and move-outs, changes in resident acuity and dependencies, and employee call-offs cause gaps and overages in staffing plans each and every day. Stay within budget and mitigate risk by staffing properly and consistently with OnShift.

  • Staff appropriately each and every shift based by identifying gaps and overages
  • Get alerts of potential risk with proactive texts or emails
  • Adjust staffing to resident acuity or service level

Drive Consistency With Real-Time Visibility

Running reports from multiple systems to track your key staffing measures is time-consuming and after-the-fact. Get predictive analysis and real-time data with a 360° view into staffing with OnShift.

  • Get a unified view into staffing through integration with time and attendance, clinical systems, HR applications, and more
  • Make better staffing decisions across communities with enterprise analytics
  • Get proactive hiring recommendations with OnShift Insight which analyzes staffing patterns in the schedule to identify openings

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Go Mobile And Engage Staff

Get OnShift’s functionality in an easy-to-use mobile app that puts everything employees need to manage schedules at their fingertips, on their mobile device, at any time.

  • Empower your staff with the ability to request open shifts, fill-ins, time off, & more
  • Fill call-offs on-the-go by instantly communicating with all available and qualified staff
  • Merge self-scheduling with flexible approval processes to create best-fit schedules


Meet Your ACA Goals

Manage hours to meet your ACA policies with predictive information at the point of scheduling, to prevent part-time workers from slipping into full-time status.

  • Predict, track and alert managers of potential overages before assigning a shift
  • Identify part-time and full-time employees when creating and managing schedules
  • Report employees over work-hour thresholds to make adjustments and avoid penalties

Strategies To Reduce Costs In Senior Care

Rising minimum wages, a drastic workforce shortage and increased competition for talent have senior care executives looking for ways to eliminate unnecessary labor costs.

  • Predict & prevent overtime from happening
  • Implement flexible staffing strategies to meet changing demand
  • Fill open shifts quickly with best choice replacements

Get Best-Fit Staff Schedules & Lower Costs With OnShift